Board Election #6

Get out the vote!

Voting Info

Every harvest, we hold an election to decided who will serve on the Bitcorn Foundation. Candidates can nominate themselves and state their platform. Holders of CROPS are distributed a voting token with which they can cast their votes. Nominations start as soon as the last election ends and the election winners are decided at a given block height, roughly approximating the day after the last harvest.

How to Vote

Cast your vote by sending CROPS.VOTE6 to 1VoteMg3ENEknHm6WyJMcXMaFdQqz9GvQ, using the candidate's vote code as the memo.

How it Works

Each candidate is paired with a unique code, like "E2C3" (without the quotes). We treat asset sends as cast ballots and simply tally up the votes.

Here are our election candidates:

  • mightbemike - 2.14180953 Votes ELECTED
  • TRUCK - 1.97309988 Votes ELECTED
  • wheeler - 0.02000000 Votes
Login Required: Your candidacy won't save unless you login first!

    What are the "perks" of being a board member?

  • Fancy Title: "Member of the Bitcorn Foundation".
  • Membership in a private Bitcorn Foundation chat room.
  • Access to the stream of new and unapproved bitcorn cards.


Vote Code: E6C2

Give a FUCK, Vote for TRUCK


Vote Code: E6C1

I will reverse image search every card submission and vote NO for every one with issuance less than 10. Also I'll try to get Dan to let go of some of those moist Birthofcorn cards.


Vote Code: E6C0

I’ve never lost.