About Us

The Bitcorn Foundation

We are a decentralized Bitcorn organization that supports good causes and positive memes all over the world.

Our Mission

The Bitcorn Foundation exists to eradicate extreme dryness. We owe it to our children to irrigate the future today.

Our Vision

Holistically implement real blockchain solutions that can bring moisture to all farms globally by the year 2022.

Our Values

  • Alpha bids
  • Reliable memes
  • Vaporwave aesthetic

Our foundation was founded in 2018 and we're only just getting started.

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What We Do

The Bitcorn Foundation is mainly involved in three activities: certifiying Bitcorn cards, supporting memetic causes, and participating in the community.

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"The Board"

The Bitcorn Foundation has three board seats. The unelected Chairmain reigns supreme. While the other two board seats are regularly elected by their peers. See Events »

Dan Anderson

Dan Anderson






Built on the best blockchain.

We are deeply grateful for those who have created the Bitcoin blockchain, as well as, those who developed Counterparty. A big thanks to the following companies and projects who have helped make the Bitcorn Foundation's work possible.

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