Board Election #4

Get out the vote!

Voting Info

Every harvest, we hold an election to decided who will serve on the Bitcorn Foundation. Candidates can nominate themselves and state their platform. Holders of CROPS are distributed a voting token with which they can cast their votes. Nominations start as soon as the last election ends and the election winners are decided at a given block height, roughly approximating the day after the last harvest.

How to Vote

Cast your vote by sending CROPS.VOTE4 to 1VoteMg3ENEknHm6WyJMcXMaFdQqz9GvQ, using the candidate's vote code as the memo.

How it Works

Each candidate is paired with a unique code, like "E2C3" (without the quotes). We treat asset sends as cast ballots and simply tally up the votes.

Here are our election candidates:

  • Roger Fliporian - 7.55380044 Votes ELECTED
  • bench - 7.55380044 Votes ELECTED
  • DJPEPE - 6.64748594 Votes
  • Corny McCornFace - 0.00420420 Votes
Login Required: Your candidacy won't save unless you login first!

    What are the "perks" of being a board member?

  • Fancy Title: "Member of the Bitcorn Foundation".
  • Membership in a private Bitcorn Foundation chat room.
  • Access to the stream of new and unapproved bitcorn cards.


Vote Code: E4C3

MUCITGA - Make UCIT Great Again.

DJPEPE is the most alpha and most respected memeber of the Bitcoin memepool and will use his manly frog charm to seduce the Shitcorn Industrial Complex (SIC) back into farming by giving every farmer 12,000 UCITs a year as long as I am in office. I will free all of the humans locked up for licking the frog's backside as well. My manager DJ J SCRILLA will be my campaign manager and will be available for questions in the Bitcorns Telegram Chat. SaSha-256 will by Chief Of Staff and the greatest and most legendary co-op- The Corn Tang Clan - will be my cabinet. #memetoo #UCIT #DJPEPE040219

"The most compelling work to come out of the panel, though, wasn’t somebody [redacted] mentioned but rather a fellow panelist deeply embedded in meme culture: DJ Pepe. " - Daniel Penny of the Paris Review (


Vote Code: E4C2

Tired of the out of touch elites choosing what art you can and cannot view in your wallet? Want to create a more open accepting environment for those who know and love the corn? My platform is no more censorship based on the subjective opinion of the elites. Those in their ivory tower feasting away on your auction fees while you toil on your CROPS farm.

My policy is cards will not be voted against for publication unless they are blatantly unrelated to corn or contain content that is specifically unacceptable (i.e. NSFW). Additionally, all proceeds of any auction I perform while a memeber of the foundation will be contributed to the Panic at the Institute of Art and thus paid forward to new contributors in the space.

A vote for BENCH is a vote for freedom and equality. I hope to continue seeing you farming after this first halvening

Corny McCornFace

Vote Code: E4C1

Universal Basic Corn - no farmer goes without!

Roger Fliporian

Vote Code: E4C0

Grassroots idle farming slogan