Board Election #2

Get out the vote!

Voting Info

Every harvest, we hold an election to decided who will serve on the Bitcorn Foundation. Candidates can nominate themselves and state their platform. Holders of CROPS are distributed a voting token with which they can cast their votes. Nominations start as soon as the last election ends and the election winners are decided at a given block height, roughly approximating the day after the last harvest.

How to Vote

Cast your vote by sending CROPS.VOTE2 to 1VoteMg3ENEknHm6WyJMcXMaFdQqz9GvQ, using the candidate's vote code as the memo.

How it Works

Each candidate is paired with a unique code, like "E2C3" (without the quotes). We treat asset sends as cast ballots and simply tally up the votes.

Here are our election candidates:

  • bench - 23.72646714 Votes ELECTED
  • Don Cornleone - 9.82583606 Votes ELECTED
  • Ken Carson - 4.31247416 Votes
  • Lil Segwit - 4.29247949 Votes
  • JB - 0.41010000 Votes
Login Required: Your candidacy won't save unless you login first!

    What are the "perks" of being a board member?

  • Fancy Title: "Member of the Bitcorn Foundation".
  • Membership in a private Bitcorn Foundation chat room.
  • Access to the stream of new and unapproved bitcorn cards.

Don Cornleone

Vote Code: E2C4


Lil Segwit

Vote Code: E2C2

Moist Bitcorn Rapping


Vote Code: E2C0

I shall make my own security detail, the Victoria’s Secret Service. I shall repaint Air Force One to be what it truly is: a giant flying phallus. And I will fit the executive bedroom with disco balls, fog machines, and webcams so the world may openly witness the constant scandal that is my pimp life. And I shall spread the almighty gospel of the corn. Corntitties for everyone!


Vote Code: E2C3

I believe BITCORNS should be fresh and plentiful. I believe that CROPS should be cherished.

BITCORNS is a paradigm shift in crypto, crypto 2.0. CROPS will become the worlds reserve asset and BITCORNS the reserve currency. Join now, before it's to late!

Ken Carson

Vote Code: E2C1

When I started, I was an artist; I wanted to be an artist. I became an actor almost by accident. I acted for fifteen years and tried to produce. I looked for stories that were the story beneath the story that you thought you knew, like 'The Cornidate'.