Board Election #1

Get out the vote!

Voting Info

Every harvest, we hold an election to decided who will serve on the Bitcorn Foundation. Candidates can nominate themselves and state their platform. Holders of CROPS are distributed a voting token with which they can cast their votes. Nominations start as soon as the last election ends and the election winners are decided at a given block height, roughly approximating the day after the last harvest.

How to Vote

Cast your vote by sending CROPS.VOTE1 to 1VoteMg3ENEknHm6WyJMcXMaFdQqz9GvQ, using the candidate's vote code as the memo.

How it Works

Each candidate is paired with a unique code, like "E2C3" (without the quotes). We treat asset sends as cast ballots and simply tally up the votes.

Here are our election candidates:

  • TRUCK - 18.98688915 Votes ELECTED
  • Big Worm - 17.94278225 Votes ELECTED
  • Roger Fliporian - 9.59837902 Votes
  • Michael Tidwell - 5.47844577 Votes
  • Ken Carson - 5.08932000 Votes
Login Required: Your candidacy won't save unless you login first!

    What are the "perks" of being a board member?

  • Fancy Title: "Member of the Bitcorn Foundation".
  • Membership in a private Bitcorn Foundation chat room.
  • Access to the stream of new and unapproved bitcorn cards.

Michael Tidwell

Vote Code: E1C4

I've always said for someone to truly serve the community you need to elect from within the community. I have a proven track record of moisture that is unparalleled. Vote for me and your haven't shall be bountiful.

Roger Fliporian

Vote Code: E1C0

Pledges to NOT manipulate crypto prices by proposing legislation, to allow farmers to keep 100% of their distributed bitcorn, and vote FOR the dankest farm cards.

Big Worm

Vote Code: E1C3

Unlike those other candidates who have their hidden agendas, I plan to embrace all that is corn with an open mind to progress our bag and our experience. Bitcorn farming, just like the ecosystem of our lives, requires balance. In this case, balance between dryness and moisture. Eliminating dryness diminishes the power of moisture. Too much moisture and you saturate the experience until we are all soft yogurt cups. This knowledge of the balance is not something all farmers understand or embrace. In this world of butter me now, you need a steadfast pillar of balance.


Vote Code: E1C2

TRUCK is running to represent all fellow cornsmen and cornswomen at

TRUCK is committed to a zero-waste policy. TRUCK believes that no bitcorn should go to waste because a card was too dry. Instead, TRUCK believes that we can all work together to DROWN DRYNESS. That’s why TRUCK has established the Maize Oasis for Input, Support and Tips (MOIST). With MOIST, users can share their artwork with like-minded cornfellows in a pressure-free environment that costs nothing. With MOIST, users can be confident that their submissions to the Bitcorn Foundation will arrive saturated in dankness. Together, we can eradicate extreme dryness and bring MOISTure to those in need.

Join the Maize Oasis for Input, Support and Tips (MOIST) at:


Ken Carson

Vote Code: E1C1

Plotting gain traction in a muddy field that would minimize scarecrow-on-crow violence and improve moisture retention for disadvantaged farmers.