Our Mission

100% Moisture

We register and regulate Bitcorn cards to ensure that the public can support moist farms with confidence. As registrar, we are responsible for maintaining accurate records.

Our strategic priorities up to 2018 are:
  • Protecting large farms from mismanagement
  • Enabling new cooperative missions effectively
  • Encouraging greater transparency and accountability
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Bitcorn Causes

The Bitcorn.org platform tries to help entrepreneurs, startups, and
starving artists achieve their dreams.

The Bitcorn Foundation offers real solutions

The Bitcorn Foundation and its community of humble farmers were named "Top 25 Best Global Blockchain Foundation" by Forbes. We beat Oprah. And, Mashable named the Bitcorn Foundation, "the only organization dedicated to erdicating dryness in our lifetime."

I've never seen anything like the energy the Bitcorn Foundation and its board members bring to these often over looked issues. John D. Rockefeller
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It only takes a minute to makes a difference. We're a totally legit, world-class organization. And we're not going to stop until the world is moist.

Our Events

The Bitcorn Foundation helps facilitate events, like elections and harvests,
on a semi-regular schedule. Here's what's coming up...

Built on the best blockchain.

We are deeply grateful for those who have created the Bitcoin blockchain, as well as, those who developed Counterparty. A big thanks to the following companies and projects who have helped make the Bitcorn Foundation's work possible.

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